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We develop cutting edge bots, to navigate the market

How we do it

Our Bots are fully automated strategies that analyze patterns in the data of the stock market. To predict future trends with risk management rules to give you an edge in the stock market.

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Why Flumen Capital

  • Fully Automated Trading.
  • Proven Performance over the past 6 years with more than 19,000 Trades.
  • Peace of mind, our Bots will make all the heavy lift for you.
  • The opportunity to invest, without being an expert in the stock market

If you want to learn more about Algorithmic Trading make sure to check our Blog, where we dive in depth into Algorithmic Trading.

See the market in terms of probability

FAQ Questions

How can I assess the performance before I buy it?

YES, Our Core Value is Transparency. To See a Detailed Performance of Flumen.ES Click-Here.

You can also apply for our Free Trial and run the Backtesting tool of NinjaTrader.

Where can I use it?

All our Algorithms run on NinjaTrader Broker, you need to have an account in NinjaTrader

What is the minimum capital required?

The minimum capital required is $3,000, although we recommend $5,000 to start

Do I need a PC or laptop to use it?

Yes, the only way to run our algorithms is on a PC, laptop, or virtual machine.

How can I install the Bot?

After your purchase or Free Trial application, we will send to you a step-by-step guide with images. The process is very simple.

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