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Algorithmic trading brings unparalleled advantages – it's about speed, accuracy, data driven decisions and the ability to execute strategies to the letter, every single time.

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Performance That Speaks Volumes:

Transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's our core principle. With a track record that stands tall in any market condition, you'll see exactly where and how your trades soar.

Our proprietary algorithm Flumen.ES , honed over six years with more than 12,000 trades, is your new trading compass. Powered in Ninja Trader, it's precision in the palm of your hand.

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The first 100 traders to partner with us get an unmatched deal – 30% off. And with our 3-month performance guarantee, your investment is as secure as your trust in us.

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Flumen Capital isn't just about making trades; it's about sculpting a legacy of financial success. Your potential, our technology – together we are unstoppable.


Algotihimic Trading Strategy

  • Trend Savvy: Captures market trends across timeframes for strategic long and short positions.
  • Scalable Positions: Expand your stake as trends favor your trades, enhancing potential returns.
  • Multiple-Exit Strategy: Employs individual stop losses and group exits to capture profits before a trend reverses.
  • Risk Customization: Adjusts to your comfort level, from conservative to aggressive trading styles.
  • Market Versatility: Optimized for both ES and MES Futures Contracts for diverse size accounts.
  • Capital Flexibility: Suitable for a broad capital range, from $5,000 to $1,000,000.

FAQ Questions

Am I going to make money garantee ?

FLumen.ES has been tested since 2018 being proftable year over year. We have a money back garantee if the Algorithm is not proftaible in 3 months since your purchase ONLY For the "FIRST100" promotion.

Is there a way to asses the Performance before I buy it ?

YES, Absolutly one of our core values is transparancy. To see a detail Performance of Flumen.ES click-here

If is so good why do you sell it?

Rule number 1 in Wall Street, you make money in proportion of the money you put in. We are a start up that wants to help other people navigate the Markets and gain Capital in the proccess so we can take advantege of our technology.

Where can I use it ?

All our Algorithms run on Ninja Trader Broker, you need to have an account in Ninja Trader

How can I install it ?

After your puchase you have a step by step guide on how to install it ! is pretty easy :)